Relief Network Urges International Support for 5.2 Billion Dollar UN Aid Appeal


Washington, DC – The Syria Relief Network (SRN) urged the international community to support the record-setting 5.2 billion dollar aid appeal issued by the United Nations last week and to continue to contribute to providing for the basic and urgent needs of the Syrian people affected by the Syrian crisis. The Syria Relief Network also urged the United Nations and Security Council to work with all stakeholders to reach as hasty an end to the conflict as possible.

SRN noted that the Syrian regime monopolizes the distribution of international humanitarian aid inside Syria by being the only legal entity interacting with international organizations. The result is that a huge percentage of assistance does not reach Syrians who are in desperate need for it, especially those who reside in areas outside of Syrian regime control. The United Nations should allow the transfer of assistance across international borders in order to distribute humanitarian aid to the millions of Syrians currently not receiving support. The Syria Relief Network assures its readiness to help in coordination and cooperation to deliver this aid through its member organizations which cover most of the affected areas in Syria and provide all kinds of humanitarian aid.

The Syrian crisis is expanding and every day the numbers of wounded, disabled, orphans, and refugees are increasing. According to the UN, more than 93,000 Syrians lost their lives in the conflict; around 7.1 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, including 4.25 million who are internally displaced. A further 1.6 million have fled the country and sought refuge in neighboring countries. More than half of all Syrians will need life-saving assistance by the end of 2013, the United Nations warned in its historic appeal to cope with Syria’s “unraveling” chaos.

Under these circumstances, the Syria Relief Network was initiated during a humanitarian aid organizations conference held in Turkey in January 2013. The Syria Relief Network consists of Syrian non-governmental organizations providing humanitarian aid to Syrian people inside and outside Syria. The network is working on building a platform for coordination and cooperation between Syrian and international humanitarian aid organizations and aims at building a needs map for all affected areas and refugee camps inside and outside Syria.


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