Syrian Center Demands Response from International Community


The Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies (SCPSS) condemns in the strongest possible terms the chemical weapons attacks perpetrated by Assad regime forces on Eastern Ghouta in Damascus last Wednesday. According to reports from local hospitals, more than 1200 Syrian civilians were killed in the attacks, which were rocket strikes that occurred at approximately 3:00 am and left thousands of Syrians injured.


These chemical rocket strikes, though unprecedented in their barbarity, represent one more predictable escalation in the Assad regime’s consistent use of internationally banned weapons and lethal force against civilians. The war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Assad regime over the past two and a half years and attacks similar to black Wednesday’s will continue without actions from the international community.


Therefore, the Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies demands that the United States, its European allies, and the Arab League act immediately and in concert to bring a hasty end to Syria conflict and prevent such horrific chemical weapons attacks as those inflicted on Eastern Ghouta from ever occurring again. SCPSS urges the United States, in concert with an international coalition of the willing, to conduct targeted airstrikes against locations from which chemical weapons strikes originated and enforce a no-fly zone over Syria to protect civilians from further regime bombardment.

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