Economic Discourse of the Syrian Revolution

Finance and Economic Affairs BureauSNC_Economic_Plan

The Potential Miracle of the Syrian Economy

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Economic Discourse of the Syrian Revolution by Dr. Osama Kadi, Executive Director of the Economic bureau  at Syrian National Council SNC



POVERTY IN SYRIA: 1996-2004Syria_poorpop_governorates_map


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The report’s principal finding is that, in 2003-2004, almost 2 million individuals in Syria (11.4 per cent of the population) could not obtain their basic food and non-food needs. Using the higher expenditure poverty line, overall poverty in Syria rises to 30.1 per cent, representing almost 5.3 million individuals. (that was 6 years before the Syrian Revolution that started March 15th, 2011)



Ease of Doing Business in Syrian Arab RepublicEase_of_Doing_Business_in_Syrian

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